Intro to PvP 1 (Karma, Red Battlefield, Guild War)

If you’ve collected powerful gear and reached a respectable level, it is time for you to dive into PVP! 
Let’s find out about the PVP system in Black Desert where you can test your skills against other Adventurers.

PvP(Player Versus Player) refers to contents where characters fight against each other.
Conquest War and Node War, Guild War, and Battle Arena are the main PVP contents.
There usually isn’t a death penalty for Conquest War or Node War, Guild War, Battle Arena, and a majority of PvP contents. However, you can ‘activate PvP’ to fight other adventurers without being restricted by guilds or location if you meet the requirements. Anyone can activate/deactivate PVP if they are level 50 or higher. 
Please note, doing this may lead you to receive some sorts of penalty.

The worst penalty you’ll get from doing PvP anywhere by activating PVP would be that you’ll lose Karma. If you kill 2 adventurers, your karma will drop and become negative Karma. This will lead to your character name to be displayed in red and become vulnerable to other adventurers’ attacks. You can have a maximum of 300,000 karma and down to – 1,000,000 karma. There are penalties your character can suffer from if its karma drops down to a negative value. You can regain karma by killing other players or defeating monsters. 

Actions that lowers KarmaSubtracted Amount
Attack a player-10,000
Kill a player-85,000 to -204,000 
(The amount your karma drops by may vary depending on the play you attacked.)

You can receive penalties if you have negative karma, their details are listed below.

★ Negative Karma Penalties 

Harsher death penalties
(drop enhancement level and destruction of crystals do not stack)
- Lose more EXP  
- Destroy crystals in equipment
- Drop enhancement level
Resurrection restrictions -You will resurrect at a random location between the 3 nearest nodes.
Attacked by players/NPCs- Town guards will attack

These penalties can really hurt so, here are a few ways to enjoy PVP without getting these penalties! 
Major PVP contents

1. Red Battlefield 
2. Guild War

How to Enter

Go to the menu and select the Red Battlefield icon to open the ‘Red Battlefield Status’ window.
You can select the server you want to enter in that window.

▲’Red Battlefield’ icon in the menu ()

You can choose between the limited and free Red Battlefield.
Please check the restrictions and requirement before entering the battlefield soaked in blood!

Entrance RequirementsMust be below all ability limitations (Level/AP/DP/Sum of AP + DP)LV. 50 of higher
RestrictionsCannot equip/unequip gear after enteringNo restrictions

Teams and Rules

Adventurers that are below a set point will be given base abilities.
So, you don’t have to worry too much if you don’t have great gear. 
(The base abilities given are not display.)

Still, adventurers that have good equipment and goes over the set point will have an advantage.
Note that the damage dealt to adventurers in the Red Battlefield is lower than the damage dealt in the field.

Characters are divided into 2 different teams when they enter the Red Battlefield.
The teams in Red Battlefield are Black Desert Army and Red Desert Army.

There will always be more than 1 person on each team. The battle will start once the prep time ends. 

You’ll get to fight for 20 minutes on the Red Battlefield.
More players can join the same battle during the first 10 minutes and no one can join after 10 minutes.

▲ Once you choose to participate, you’ll enter the Red Battlefield and be placed automatically in a team.

The fight is between Black Desert Army VS Red Desert Army.
Face your foes within the time limit using everything at your disposal!
The team with the most points at the end of the time limit wins the match.

Points are earned by killing a player on the enemy team.
The points you earn per kill differs depending on how many points the player has.
There are no special penalties for dying on the Red Battlefield.
So, go out there and enjoy the heat of battle!

The methods to earn points are listed below.

Killed an enemyEarn half the points the enemy had(at least 1 point will be earned with every kill)
Get KilledLose a quarter of the points you have(at least 1 point will be lost with every death)However, if you only have 1 point, then you won’t lose any points.

▲ Allies and enemies are visually differentiated and the number of points they have are displayed.

Awesome Tips!

You’re able to use regular potions on the Red Battlefield,
but the [Battlefield] potions from Red Battlefield Quartermaster Daz is much more affordable.

Additionally, you can get a buff that increases evasion and damage reduction by talking to Red Battlefield Quartermaster Daz. Use this buff to your advantage!

Red Battlefield Rewards

You’ll receive Combat and Skill EXP, silver, and Red Seals when Red Battlefield ends.
The amount your given depends on whether your team was victorious or defeated, and the sum of your AP + DP.

WinnersRed Seals x5, Combat/Skill EXP, silver (via mail)
LosersRed Seal x1, Combat/Skill EXP, silver (via mail)

When you heat Red Essence with an Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame – Power or Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature – Adamantine, you’ll get an awakened Red Battlefield Crystal. The effects of these crystals are shown below.

 · Red Battlefield Crystal: Power 
(AP +5 & Additional Damage to Humans +2)

 · Red Battlefield Crystal: Adamantine 
(Knockdown/Bound Resistance 25% & Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +5%)

Red Battlefield Crystals
ProductGear SlotMaterials
Red Battlefield Crystal: PowerWeaponRed EssenceAncient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame – Power
Red Battlefield Crystal: AdamantineShoesRed EssenceAncient Magic Crystal of Nature – Adamantine

▲ Collect Red Seals and exchange them through the NPC Ornella (Heidel Arms Dealer) for Red Essences. Get the special rewards by combining it with crystals.
Try Red Battle to enjoy PVP and to improve your skills.
You might end up becoming a master PVP player by practicing in Red Battle.
What are you waiting for? Enter the battlefield for and show your might!

Guild War 101

Will you simply watch your guild members when they get hurt?

Want to experience the thrill of taking enemy guild members down in the open world?

Your guild master just needs to enter the enemy guild’s name in the guild window to declare war.

But wait! There are a few facts you should know before declaring war.

Maximum Number of Guildsto Declare War on6
War Format– All guild members are automatically enlisted when war is declared.
– PVP will be activated automatically between members of both guilds in the war.
ExampleGuild A declares war on Guild B.
Guild A is then able to check Guild B’s War Status.Guild B cannot check Guild A.Additionally, there is no time limit for Guild War. The guild that declared the war must choose to end the war.

However, not all guilds can declare war.
The requirements to declare war are listed below. 

1. Must own a node.
2. Must have declared war.

If guilds satisfy one of the two requirements, they can declare war.
If they do not have either one of them, they cannot declare war.

However, a guild that doesn’t satisfy either of the requirements can declare war on another guild that does not satisfy the requirements.

Node occupying guild → Guild that had a war but without a node: Declarable
Node occupying guild → Guild that had no war and no node: Cannot Declare
A guild without a node → Guild that had a war but no node: Declarable
A guild that had a war but no node → Guild that had no war and no node: Cannot Declare
A guild that had no war and no node → Guild that had no war and no node: Declarable
This means, if a guild without a node wants to declare war on another guild without a node, they must not be at war with anyone.

▲ Guild masters can declare/end the war in the Guild window. Members can see the war status.

Don’t you want to test the skills you’ve perfected while playing Black Desert?
If you don’t think you’re ready, try practicing in the Red Battlefield! You can even get rewards while you’re at it. 
Also, taste victory with your fellow guild members by using teamwork and strategy while fighting your enemies on the open fields.

Essential Tips – PVP will not end here! We shall return with The King of PvP 1-2 with even more Black Desert PVP contents, so stay tuned! 

But while you wait, go out there and fight on the open field of battle and experience the excitement of PVP!